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Try-On Box FAQs

What if I don't know where to start?

  • We're here for you! CONTACT our expert stylists - send some photos of your dress, tell us what you like, and we'll work through the details together!

Can I try on any headpieces or jewelry?

  • Yes! We have Veils, Capes, Skirts, Wings pre-selected boxes of Earrings, and more! We are working to expand our Try Ons and love your feedback, so please CONTACT us if there's something that you need to see - we can help!

What if the piece I want to see is not available as a try-on?

  • CONTACT us. We'll find a way to show you the piece you love. We'll find a similar item to give you the best idea possible or create a new Try On especially for you.

How long do I have to try on the pieces?

  • 5 business days. To ensure our pieces are available for the next bride on time, we ask you to send the box back on or before the 5th day you've had it. If the 5th day is a holiday or Sunday, no worries. Just drop it by your neighborhood UPS on the next business day.

What if I need more time with the pieces?

  •  CONTACT us - our stylists will do their best to work with your schedule. If we don't hear from you or get a UPS notification that your box has been shipped back within 5 days, we'll assume you want to keep the Try-Ons and charge you 100% of the retail value of each piece in the box. This charge is non-refundable.

Can I keep the pieces I want directly from the box?

  • No, but CONTACT us if you're in a rush, and we'll do everything we can to get you the items you love- on time!

Do I have to pay for shipping the Try-On samples back to you?

  • Nope! Shipping is completely free within the domestic US. We include a prepaid UPS return label in the box. Just tape it back together and drop it at your neighborhood UPS store, brown box, or hand it to any driver within 5 days of receiving it.

What If I accidentally damage something?

  • We'll check the pieces you send back to us to assess for damage no matter what, but we'd prefer you shoot us a quick email explaining what happened. If the damage is no biggie and we can fix it, no charge. Yay! If the piece is unusable, or the tag is damaged/broken, we'll charge your card for 100% of the retail cost. This charge is non-refundable.

Why are these black plastic tags on the samples?

  • These tags are what mark Try On items as samples. Taking off the black tag means you want to keep or wear the piece, so you will be charged 100% of the retail value for anything that has the tag removed or damaged, even if you send it back.