The Moment

Maybe it's in the ready-room of a grand venue, your apartment bedroom, or your cousin's backyard.
Maybe you're surrounded by an epic bridal party, your brother & sister, or it's just you and your sweet fur-baby.
Maybe your makeup is expertly airbrushed, applied by your best friend, or it's just a swipe of go-to lip balm.

Wherever you are, whoever is there, whatever you're wearing: it's THAT moment that is for you. Just you. Your journey, your metamorphosis, your rite of passage.

Your wedding day is one full of moments: a myriad of beautiful moments for WE, US, joined-with-a-vow, let-no-one-put-asunder. But that moment: when your veil is tucked in your hair... you are forever transformed from a girl in white, ivory, flip flops, or denim into a BRIDE.


It's the little things that matter to us.

The tilt of a hand-placed crystal, the balance of tension between hand-stitched threads, the twist of each hand-wired pin. We believe it’s the love imbued in these littlest things that makes big moments & the biggest memories.

We'd be honored if you'd share your moments with us.
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Nothing like the real thing