no rush fees. ever.


What is your turnaround time?

  • We ship "on demand" which means we will make/ship your order so it arrives to you on the date you selected when you placed the order. In cases of an extremely urgent order, we can make and ship most items within 48 business hours if absolutely necessary. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or major US holidays.

Do you charge rush fees?

  • Never! However you and/or your customer may incur additional shipping charges for expedited UPS if you select a delivery date sooner than Ground shipping allows for. For estimating shipping speeds, we ship everything from Denver, Colorado.

How do I know if my customer's order is a rush? Should I contact you?

  • If you need your order delivered within the next 2 weeks, we do appreciate a heads up but it's not actually necessary. We don't truly consider anything a "rush order" unless it needs to ship out within 72 business hours. Place your order and select the date you need it to arrive. If there are any issues accommodating your timeline, we will contact you!

When will my order ship?

  • Your order will arrive on the date you selected when you placed the order. In the very rare case that we cannot get your order to you by that date, we will contact you. Please note that we will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get your order to you by your bride's wear date. In over 20 years of business we have never missed a wedding date!

Can we opt for expedited shipping? How much would that cost? 

  • Absolutely! And it depends! We can provide 3 Day, 2 Day, or Next Day UPS shipping. Prices will vary based on destination and size/weight of the shipment. Contact us via email or web chat for pricing estimates.

How does your "bulk shipping" work?

  • We consolidate orders to reduce your shipping costs. Domestic US account orders are consolidated into weekly shipments. International account orders are consolidated into monthly shipments.
  • When placing your order, select the prompted shipping day to include your order in that week/month's bulk shipment. Want your bulk orders to arrive on a different day of the week/month? Let us know what day you'd like to receive orders, and we will adjust our systems accordingly. Need a specific order to arrive on a different day? No problem! Simply select a day other than what's prompted and we'll ship it separately!

Where can I find tracking information?

  • UPS tracking numbers are located at the bottom of every invoice. Invoices are emailed to your address on file on the day we ship your order.

Can you ship an order directly to my customer?

  • Absolutely! Simply select the "drop ship this order to a bride" option when placing the order. Enter necessary shipping information, and we'll take care of the rest!


Do you allow returns or cancellations? Can I make changes to an order I already placed?

  • We do not accept returns or cancellations. If you need to make a change to an order, please contact us. If we have not started making the order yet, we will happily accommodate changes. If we have already begun making the order, we will be unable to make any changes.

Can we order a design that you've discontinued?

  • It depends! Most of the time we can make a design that's been discontinued, or we can make something extremely similar. Sometimes however a discontinue has occurred because a material we use in that design is no longer available from one of our vendors. In those cases we will be happy to assist you in finding alternative design options for your customer.

We ordered a floor sample that is just not working with our gown assortment. Can we exchange it?

  • If it is still in perfect sellable condition, absolutely! Please contact us via email or web chat to discuss details. We want your investment in floor samples to yield optimal results and are more than happy to work with you to fine tune your SG assortment.


What's the difference in your tulle types?

  • The primary difference between our fabrics is their 'hand' (aka softness). Our Classic tulle is made domestically, has a firmer hand, and is widely used by many veil designers. Our Glimmer tulle has almost an identical hand to Classic tulle, but with a lovely subtle shimmer. Our Signature tulle is imported from Europe and has an incredibly soft hand. The drape, flow, and feel of our Signature tulle are what you would expect from silk, but without the hefty silk price tag. Our Ballet tulle is similar to English netting and is much more opaque than regular tulle. It is very soft to the touch and falls with a luxurious weight.
  • Our Classic tulle is our most commonly ordered fabric.
  • Signature tulle, Glimmer tulle, and Ballet tulle all require an upgrade charge.

My customer has metal sensitivities. What kind of metal do you use?

  • All of our metal options are completely free of nickel. Our Gold and Rose Gold are 10k gold-plated. Our Silver is rhodium-plated. Rhodium is a platinum derivative and is the same metal commonly used to plate white gold and platinum wedding rings.
  • All of our metal options resist tarnish, but may eventually tarnish over time as most metals do.

My customer wants to add some of your lace/fabric/trim/beads to her gown. Can we order loose materials?

  • Almost always! Tulle can be ordered by the yard via our OOS (online ordering system). Some materials have limitations and cannot be purchased as loose components. Please contact us for specifics and pricing.


What is the price for a custom order?

  • Custom orders can range dramatically in price. We recommend getting as many specifications as possible for the custom project and emailing/web chatting with us for pricing. We can provide guidelines for custom layout/design fees, custom lace cutting prices, heirloom reconstruction prices etc.

When something is Opal+Clear crystal mix, can we customize which crystals are which color?

  • Unfortunately no. Our Opal+Clear crystal mix is always a set pattern. Many shapes/sizes of crystal don't come in White Opal, so we design the mixed pattern very specifically for visual balance and to accommodate for the limitations in White Opal availability.

Can we change the lengths of bracelets and necklaces?

  • Absolutely! Just leave us a customization note for the total finished length you'd like the piece to be. We will get as close as we can to that exact measurement as is physically possible. Most designs can be easily made in a different length than sampled. For more complicated designs, we may reach back out to you to clarify which elements will need to change in length or size.
  • Adding length to bracelets and necklaces requires a jewelry customization charge and may also incur additional time and materials charges if the change is substantial. Please reach out via email or web chat for detailed pricing for your specific custom length questions.

Can we add length to a duet?

  • Almost always! Just leave us a customization note for the total length of beading that you'd like. Most of our duets can be easily made in a different length than sampled. For more complex designs, we may reach back out to you to clarify which elements will need to change in length or size.
  • Adding length to a duet requires an additional charge which is priced by the additional inch. Please check the OOS (online ordering system), email us, or web chat for pricing.


Can you tell me what specs our floor sample is sampled in?

  • Unfortunately our current systems do not allow for us to readily track, identify, or look up your floor samples. (It is a pain point we are working to remedy!) So without seeing the specific piece in person, the answer is: not really.
  • Every floor sample should come with a SG tag that labels exactly what its specs are. If your floor sample is missing a tag, please let us know! We may need your sample shipped back to us so that we can identify it with 100% accuracy. We will happily re-tag it and send it back to you in your next bulk shipment.

Can we borrow sample pieces to show to a customer?

  • We do not currently provide samples for borrowing. If you are being asked to see a specific design, tulle type, or product colorway, we highly encourage you to invest in a floor sample.  

Do you offer any discounts on floor samples?

  • Yes! Accounts that have reached a Tiered status based on their annual sales receive discounts on all floor samples. Please email or web chat with us if you are unsure of your Tier status.  

Can we order customized floor samples?

  • We design each piece for optimal styling and presentation and strongly encourage you to try them as sampled. We do not customize floor samples. You are always welcome to customize any of our designs for a customer.
  • If there is a specific design or combination of specifications you need in your assortment that we do not currently offer in our collection, please reach out to us via email or web chat. Almost every new design we launch is inspired by customization requests from YOU!

Any recommendations for folding veils?

  • Yes! You can view some veil folding videos on our Instagram. Feel free to let us know if there is a specific veil design or shape you'd like to see in a folding tutorial!

One of our floor samples was damaged. Can you repair it?

  • Most of the time: yes! You can send damaged floor samples to us with an attn to our Repairs Department. We'll fix it if possible and return to you in your next bulk shipment. If the sample is not repairable, we will contact you to discuss replacement options.


When will you charge my card?

  • We will process payment with the card you have on file the day that we ship your order. We are unable to ship any orders for which we have not received payment in full.

Do you offer any discounts on bulk orders?

  • Yes! If you order 5 or more of the same design (in the same color/length/metal/tulle type/etc), you receive a 10% discount on that order. We recommend bulk ordering designs that are popular with your customers to have available for immediate purchase from your boutique. Bulk orders will come packaged for sell-thru.  

I saw you're running a sale on instagram. Can we offer that sale in our boutique?

  • Absolutely! Registered retail partners are always welcome to participate in, honor, and promote any sales we are running.


What's the best way to colormatch your designs?

  • We strongly recommend using our tulle and ribbon swatches for colormatching. Floor samples can fade or shift in hue over time due to sunlight exposure and handling.
  • Need a new set of swatches? Let us know via email or web chat and we will include a set in your next bulk shipment.

Do you have recommendations for styling your veils?

  • Yes! Try them on! While you and your team are trying on dresses, experiment with accessories as well. You can also view some styling videos on our Instagram. Feel free to email/DM/web chat with us if there are any specific designs or item combinations you'd like help styling or to see in a tutorial.

How do I measure my customer for a bracelet or necklace?

  • The measurements for our necklace and bracelet lengths include the clasp. We recommend measuring with a fabric/flexible tape measure and putting the total finished length that your customer needs in the customization notes when you place their order.

What's the best way to match lace to my customer's gown?

  • Please view our LACE VEILS to see all of our existing lace options. If we do not currently offer a lace that matches a specific gown, we are always happy to custom make something using yardage ordered from the gown designer, an heirloom piece, or otherwise!