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Josephine necklace

Replace Josephine crystal clusters with a custom design similar to the top section of the Matty earrings. 

Pale Ivory Pearls, Champagne Crystals, Rose Gold Metal


Handmade with love in the USA. Watch how HERE!

Customer Reviews

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Janie Lucas
Amazing customer service!

My daughter's husband ordered a custom bracelet for my daughter 2 years ago as a wedding gift. I had purchased the Astyn earrings for her for her wedding and he had a matching bracelet made. At the time, Sara Gabriel did not make a matching Asytn bracelet so they designed one especially for her. It was perfect. The Sara Gabriel team were incredible to work with. Unfortunately, my daughter lost the bracelet a year and a half later, and her husband thought it would be a nice idea to get her another one for their 2nd wedding anniversary.
Paula and her team were nothing short of amazing and were very accommodating. They worked from photos and drawings and when the sample they made was not quite like the original, Paula insisted on remaking the bracelet to look like the original. The quality and workmanship is outstanding but the thing I like the most about Sara Gabriel is their excellent customer service. Paula is the best!
I highly recommend Sara Gabriel.

Kayla Gingrich

I had bought earrings from a local bridal store, but discovered I was super allergic to them when I got them home! I noticed the clip-on option on the website, but wasn’t keen on spending the money again. I mentioned it to Paula when she was helping me pick out a matching bracelet, and she said I could send them back to have them converted to clip-ons! Super grateful! Thanks to the team!

Nicole W
Heirloom Quality Jewelry

I had the amazing team at Sara Gabriel make a pair of custom earrings to complete my bridal look. They were so easy to work with and the pieces turned out BEAUTIFULLY. If you’re interested in creating your own unique look with quality products, look no further!