Veil Science: the un-veil

What’s better than one comb? TWO.


We know what you’re thinking, and we’re just going to stop you right there. There are no rules. Even if you're not a traditional blushing bride, it's possible to still look amazing, chic, and modern while wearing a veil. Wanna know how? DOUBLE. THE. COMBS.


There’s a lot of power in shape (conversation to be continued). Today, let’s just talk “cowl.” We created our cowl shape with the simplicity of “traditional” veil in mind, but the chicness of a more modern look. Here’s the formula: two combs + super soft tulle = dramatic drape.


So, how to style? Check out these gorgeous brides:


Rachel Veil style

Seeing double.
Style your backless dress with the (“backless”) Rachel veil.
Pin the veil to the sides of your updo, making it look more like a traditional veil.
Seriously, a backless dress with a deep cowl veil?

Gideon Veil

Trim it with pearls.
Okay, studio favorite alert: Gideon veil.
What can we say? We’re suckers for an elegant pearl detail,
especially when there’s a dramatic drape involved.



Happy shaping!


-team sg

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