Sparkle Science: what kind of necklace do you need?

We love necklaces. 

Okay, you caught us. We say that about all accessories... but! we really do love necklaces for the simple reason that they are the sweetest, easiest, and most wear-again-worthy part of any wedding ensemble. Anytime you're caught up in post-wedding bliss and want to keep a gentle reminder of that special day on you, we guarantee your bridal necklace will be the easiest to pair with any look. Before we get ahead of ourselves and start styling your 9-5 outfits with statement necklaces, let's go over some basic neckline-necklace pairings!

 Scoop neck, Soft v-neck, or a sweetheart neckline

Try a simple pendant necklace, or, if the dress has thin or less detailed straps, a wider statement necklace.

Deep v neckline

We're all about chokers right now -- ladies, the 90's are happening again and we are here. for. it. Another great option is a subtle dangle: a simple pendant or some sparkly fringe will definitely do the trick.


All shoulder jewelry, all day.
pictured: Josephine necklace. Shop our collection here.


BONUS: Low or open back designs 

New, new, new at SG! We're obsessed with the versatile styling of lariats. Sparkle in the front, AND in the back. A more subtle option would be a smaller statement clasp.

Oh! And here are a few sparkle tips to remember:

1. It's your day, and it's your look. If you love some neck sparkle, you do you girlfriend!

2. Just because we pair certain styles together doesn't mean that's the only way it can be done. For instance, if you feel like a million bucks with shoulder jewelry over your spaghetti strapped dress, we bet it looks amazing. (In fact, we've seen this before and loved it!)

3. Don't let your earrings make the decision for you. Something we hear a lot is "is this too much?" and here's the skinny on that -- everything is big big bigger on your wedding day. Your statement earrings will look a lot smaller under your beautiful 'do, so if you're feeling like a necklace, don't let your earrings close the door on that!

 HUGE shoutout to our girls at a&be for helping us put this together! ♥︎


Happy sparkling!


-team sg

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