Sparkle in your own way

It’s like, one second you’re engaged and the next second you’re drowning in a sea of magazines, Pinterest boards, and unnecessarily strong opinions on dinnerware but IT ALL LOOKS THE SAME. Are people really going to freak out if we serve with periwinkle chargers and light blue napkins? Why do we even care?

Everyone wants a perfect wedding, but that looks different for every couple. (Come on, Aunt Karen, we’re purple people anyway!) Put down the linen catalog, stop trying to learn the “proper” flatware placement, and read on for some tips to make your wedding oh-so-you.


Tip #1: Go for seconds

Sandwiches and donut walls are so cute and trendy, who’s really going to be satisfied after that? If you grew up in the south, how about some cornbread bites? (Mmm… butter!) If your S.O. grew up by the ocean, how about some lobster rolls? (Mmm… more butter!) Serve the people you love the food you love.


Tip #2: Save the stuffing for Thanksgiving

Don’t cover your tattoos, dye your hair from that amazing pink back to brown, or make your S.O. shave his ridiculously good handlebar mustache just because your stuffy Aunt keeps telling you “these photos are forever!” Yes, the photos are forever, so you should feel exactly like you! Play your style up to an 11 with an at-home color conditioner to achieve the coolest hair around, wear a dip-dyed ombre veil to match, or try some super cute and colorful sneakers instead of heels. Make. It. You.


Tip #3: Choose your favorite jam

Could you play some smooth jazz and classical piano all night? Yes. Seriously though, who knows that many variations of the waltz? Do not, we repeat, do NOT EVER, be afraid to bring the funk. Make a dancing playlist that you and your S.O. can show off your best socks-and-hardwood-floor practiced dance moves. Extra points if you start a conga line!




Happy sparkling!

-team sg

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