Budgeting 101: what you need to know about planning the big day


Planning your wedding should be a totally magical experience. We’re talking cloud nine feels here.

You know what that magic shouldn’t feel like? Unattainable. We know that crafting the perfect seating arrangement, and hand tying bows on all of your wedding favors is on your mind, but, if we’re all being honest with ourselves, the real he-who-must-not-be-named that’s actually causing the most drama is… the budget.


Okay, priorities. Venues? Great. Flowers? So pretty! But what’s the point without you looking like a total smokeshow? Girl, you need a gown, a veil, the best waterproof mascara that money can buy…. we could go on. These things cost… dare we say it? Dolla dolla bills y’all.


Yikes, we know. How are you supposed to put a price tag on your Meghan Markle moment? The best way to tackle each part of the wardrobe budget is head on. Let’s break it down a bit together -- read on for some tips.



♥︎ First things first: know your number.

It’s so important to have a great idea of how much you want to spend on your gown and accessories before you start sending Pin-spiration to your girl squad. Plan to look at gowns in your budget and definitely resist the temptation to seriously try things on that aren’t in the realm of possibility. You know what we say: #theveilmakesthebride. Among other things, that’s just a cute way of saying you can make any gown THE gown with a few sweeps of sparkle and tulle. As far as accessories go, a lot of brides plan to spend around 15% of the cost of their gown on a veil, belt, headpiece, etc.


Not sure where to start with that number? Talk to your family and fiancé about who will be paying for the dress -- traditionally the parents of the bride pitch in, but, let’s be honest, sometimes that’s just not in the cards. Never fear, your wedding dreams can still come true. Many couples will take out a wedding loan for big purchases (like gowns!). Another great thing about taking out a loan is all of that amazing credit you’ll build as you pay it off. #adulting


♥︎ Moving on: alterations.

Nothing can come as perfect as you on the first try, so alterations are a MUST. Don’t have a mishap on the dancefloor-- get your gown perfectly tailored to fit your body. Almost everyone needs a quick hem and bustle. But, sometimes, gowns require an overhaul to get the fit perfect. This can easily add a quick $50-$500… UH OH. Don’t forget to account for this in your budgeting process.


Don’t sleep -- get all of your finance ducks in a row so you can say yes to that dress… and that sparkle... and that mascara.


Happy sparkling!


-team sg

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