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  • Veil Science: How Long Should Your Veil Be?

     Bride goals: blushing, glowing, wildly in love, and the center of attention! NOT bride goals: stressed over accessories, overwhelmed by options, a bridal fashion expert, and professionally trained on veil styling! You do not have to know any veil length terms, or what the length in inches ac...

  • Sparkle Science: 5 Tips for Choosing Jewelry Colors

    Okay, so you've already read our post about SG color combinations and you're still feeling overwhelmed? We're here for you.  Keep reading for some tips on picking the perfect color combination when you're on sparkle overload.     BUT FIRST:                                   Girl, order a Swat...

  • Veil Science: Location, Location, Location

    Where are you "supposed" to style your veil? High? Low? In the middle? This is one of the biggest questions we get asked at trunk shows -- but even if you don't get the chance to ask us in person, don't worry, we're experts in veil science and here to help.   So let's break down exactly where on ...