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  • Sparkle Science: What kind of necklace do you need?

    We love necklaces.  Okay, you caught us. We say that about all accessories... but! we really do love necklaces for the simple reason that they are the sweetest, easiest, and most wear-again-worthy part of any wedding ensemble. Anytime you're caught up in post-wedding bliss and want to keep a gent...

  • Why you kind of really need a blusher.

    Okay, maybe not NEED, but just hear us out.    DOUBLE. THE. DRAMA. Every look needs a statement piece. What's better than one layer of gorgeously paired tulle floating behind you? TWO layers!    You could *literally* be a blushing bride. We g...

  • Veil Science: How Long Should Your Veil Be?

     Bride goals: blushing, glowing, wildly in love, and the center of attention! NOT bride goals: stressed over accessories, overwhelmed by options, a bridal fashion expert, and professionally trained on veil styling! You do not have to know any veil length terms, or what the length in inches ac...