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  • Sparkle Science: not just for princesses

    Love tiaras, but not getting married in a castle with 500 members of your royal court? No problem. You know we love designs that can be worn again and again… and again. More ways to wear means more outfits to style: dress it up for the wedding; go boho for date night; wear it as a headband for s...

  • First comes love, then comes... gifts?

    Alright, you found the one. Soulmates are great! But the real MVPs are the family and friends that got you to this point... and to the altar. Wondering how you’ll thank them for the miles they drove to help you find the perfect venue, or calories they ingested to help you decide between “vanil...

  • Veil Science: the un-veil

    What’s better than one comb? TWO.   We know what you’re thinking, and we’re just going to stop you right there. There are no rules. Even if you're not a traditional blushing bride, it's possible to still look amazing, chic, and modern while wearing a veil. Wanna know how? DOUBLE. THE. COMBS.   Th...