Sashes, Straps & Jewelry

Abby bracelet
Round SWAROVSKI® cluster stone bracelet

Abby earrings
Post earring with round SWAROVSKI® stone cluster

Abby necklace
Round SWAROVSKI® cluster stone necklace

Adrianne straps
Hand embroidered straps with crystals and pearls.

Alex earrings
Rhinestone pear shaped drop earring.

Alex necklace
Pear shaped drop rhinestone pendant from rhinestone chain.

Alex sash
Black faux leather sash with silk origami flowers and SWAROVSKI® stones

Alisha earrings
SWAROVSKI® pearl & crystal drops from CZ stud

Amber scarf
Signature tulle scarf with SWAROVSKI® crystals

Ana bracelet
3 strand pearl bracelet with magnetic closure.

Ana earrings
Filigree rhinestone and pearl post.

Ana necklace
3 strand pearl necklace with rhinestone accents.

Angela necklace
SWAROVSKI® crystal swag necklace

Annie scarf
French Alencon lace scarf.

Annie skirt
Tie on tulle skirt with French Alencon lace.

Annie straps
French Alencon lace straps

Aria straps
Hand folded Chantilly lace straps.

Ashley earring
Pear & oval shaped drop earring with opal rhinestones.

Ashton sash

Astyn earrings
SWAROVSKI® pear drop earring.

Bliss skirt
Tie on tulle skirt.

Caitlin earrings
Emerald-shaped Rhinestone drop earrings.

Camille bracelet
Hand-embroidered lace bracelet

Camille sash
Hand-embroidered lace sash

Cara sash
French linen sash with Alencon lace and silk flower detail.

Celeste earrings
SWAROVSKI® crystal and pearl custer earrings

Celeste sash
Sheer ribbon embroidered with crystals & pearls

Chelsea earring
Chunky rhinestone and pearl drop earrings.

Chelsea sash
Hand embroidered sash with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Cheryl sash
Alencon lace sash with SWAROVSKI® rhinestones and pearl cluster

Chris bracelet
SWAROVSKI® rhinestone and chain filigree bracelet.

Ciara sash
Hand-embroidered sash with SWAROVSKI® rhinestones and crystals.

Codi sash
Hand embroidered french linen sash with SWAROVSKI® rhinestones and pearls

Connie bracelet
Clustered SWAROVSKI® rhinestone bracelet with double rhinestone chain

Daphne bracelet
Pearl & Swarovski "brooch" bracelet

Daphne earring
Swarovski pear drop earring

Dita sash
Glittering Gatsby-style sash

Dylan bracelet
Emerald shaped Swarovski stone bracelet

Dylan earrings
Three-tier Swarovski emerald shaped earring

Dylan necklace
Emerald shaped Swarovski stone necklace pendant

Ellington sash
Gold lace sash.

Emily bracelet
Dainty opal and crystal chain bracelet

Emma earrings
Cluster of various sized SWAROVSKI® pearls

Emma necklace
Triple strand of various sized SWAROVSKI® pearls

Farrah sash
SWAROVSKI® rhinestone chain and filigree sash.

Fern sash
Twisted wire SWAROVSKI® crystal sash.

Florence sash
Italian tulle sash with feathers and Swarovski rhinestone center

Gemma sash
Swarovski encrusted "swirl" sash

Gloria earring
Swarovski rhinestone dangle earrings

Gloria sash
Delicate Swarovski rhinestone linked filigree sash

Hannah sash
Hand-ruffled silk flower sash with SWAROVSKI encrusted leaves and crystal and pearl accents.

Harlow sash

Hayley skirt
Tie on tulle skirt with horsehair trim.

Hazel bracelet
Filigree "cuff" with Swarovski rhinestones and triple chain strand clasp

Hazel earring
Swarovski rhinestone chandelier earrings

Hazel sash
Multi-section Swarovski rhinestone embellished sash

Helena sash
Thin bugle bead sash.

Jasmine earrings
Two-tiered opal and clear crystal and rhinestone drop earrings.

Jordan sash
Swarovski rhinestone encrusted filigree sash

Josephine earrings
Swarovski rhinestone cluster ear posts

Josephine necklace
SWAROVSKI® rhinestone chain shoulder necklace

Joy bracelet
Chunky floral inspired rhinestone bracelet

Joy earrings
Floral inspired rhinestone post.

Joy necklace
Simple floral inspired pendant necklace.

Joy sash
SWAROVSKI® encrusted rhinestone sash.

Lauren sash
Multi-way satin sash

Lindsay bracelet
2 strand diamond shaped rhinestone chain bracelet

Lindsay earrings
Diamond shaped drop earrings.

Lorraine earring
Teardrop filigree Swarovski rhinestone earring

Lyra earrings
.Oval SWAROVSKI® rhinestone posts.

Lyra sash
Oval SWAROVSKI® rhinestone sash.

Marilyn bracelet
Glam statement bracelet.

Marilyn earrings
Super glam drop pendant earrings.

Mary sash
Hand ruffled silk flower sash with Swarovski crystal and pearl accents

Matty earrings
Chunky rhinestone and pearl drop earrings.

Maude bracelet
Triple strand SWAROVSKI® pearl and crystal bracelet

Michelle earrings
Rhinestone and pearl pear & oval shaped drop earring

Michelle necklace
Mixed width SWAROVSKI® rhinestone chain shoulder necklace.

Michelle sash
Hand embroidered floral sash with crystals, rhinestones and pearls.

Michelle straps
Hand embroidered floral straps with crystals, rhinestones and pearls.

Paige sash
Tulle sash with hand ruffled silk organza flowers and SWAROVSKI® crystal accents

Paula earring
Pearl and Swarovski earring

Rachael bracelet
Single strand of large freshwater pearls & SWAROVSKI® crystal balls

Rose bracelet
Tiny filigree bracelet with pearl & Swarovski rhinestone accents

Rose earrings
Swarovski stone & genuine pearl pendant

Rose necklace
Single pendant Swarovski crystal and pearl necklace

Roxanne sash
Wire twisted crystal, rhinestone and pearl sash.

Stevie bracelet
Five-strand Swarovski rhinestone chain bracelet

Tesla bracelet
Swarovski encrusted cuff bracelet

Tesla earrings
Swarovski chandelier earrings

Tesla sash
Stunning Swarovski encrusted sash

Violet sash

Wallace earrings
Swarovski tassel earrings

Wallace necklace
Swarovski lariat tassel necklace

Wallace sash
Sash draped in rows of SWAROVSKI® rhinestone chain.

Wallace straps
SWAROVSKI® rhinestone chain straps.