Headpieces & Fascinators

Abby comb
Comb with tapering Swarovski stone clusters

Agnes clip
Silk flower clip

Aja comb
Feather & SWAROVSKI® crystal spray comb

Alice headband
Tulle band with scattered SWAROVSKI® crystals

Amber hair wrap
SWAROVSKI® crystal thread hair wrap with adjustable silk flower clips

Angela hair swag
Swarovski crystal chain hair swag

Annie comb
Feather flower with freshwater pearl center and French net pouf

Aria headband
Chantilly lace stretch-on headband and removable Swarovski rhinestone clip

Astyn veil
French net asymmetrical face blusher with SWAROVSKI® crystals & ostrich feather detail

Bailey veil
French net Pout veil with Swarovski rhinestone embellished filigree

Bernadette clip
Diamond shaped Swarovski rhinestone hairclip/brooch

Breanna pin
feather flower hairpin with SWAROVSKI® crystal center

Bridget combs
vintage rhinestone hair combs

Cammy clip
Silk velvet flower clip

Cammy veil
Tulle "bow" with silk velvet & organza flower and SWAROVSKI® crystal & freshwater pearl detail

Celeste hair ribbon
Sheer ribbon embroidered with crystals & pearls

Charisse veil
French net & tulle asymmetrical face blusher

Charlotte comb
Freshwater pearl "paisley" cluster comb with SWAROVSKI® crystal accents

Charlotte pins
Freshwater pearl "paisley" cluster hair pins with SWAROVSKI® crystal centers

Collette veil
french netting face blusher

Connie hair ribbon
Skinny satin hair ribbon encrusted with Swarovski rhinestones

Cybill veil
French net & tulle face blusher

Daphne clip
Filigree pearls & Swarovski hair clip

Dia comb
delicate freshwater pearl and SWAROVSKI® crystal comb

Dita hair ribbon
Swarovski encrusted Gatsby-style headband

Dolores headband
Hand-folded origami rose and Swarovski rhinestone chain headband

Doni veil
Wink veil with feathers and Swarovski accented comb

Dotty hat
Large hand formed horsehair ribbon & feather hat with SWAROVSKI® filigree crystal center

Drew veil
Ultra-short two layer veil with scattered SWAROVSKI® crystals & cut edge

Edie veil
Two layer Flirt veil

Elisa headband
Asymmetrical Swarovski crystal headband

Elizabeth combs
Swarovski rhinestone flower hair combs

Elizabeth tiara
vintage rhinestone tiara

Emily veil
pout blusher with cut edge

Gemma hair ribbon
Swarovski encrusted hair ribbon

Ginger veil
Super dramatic vouge veil with cut edge & asymmetrical tendril

Gladys hat
Flower shaped horsehair hat w SWAROVSKI® crystals

Gloria hair ribbon
Delicate Swarovski rhinestone linked filigree headband

Gracie clips
Silk gazar & tulle flowers with various sized freshwater pearl centers

Harlow hair ribbon
Swarovski pearl and emerald -shaped stone hair ribbon

Hazel hair ribbon
Swarovski rhinestone filigree hair ribbon

Ione veil
Oversized tulle and organza flower with French net face veil and Swarovski rhinestones

Iva clip
Ruffled silk organza flower clip with SWAROVSKI® crystal center

Jaclyn headband
Horsehair ribbon hair band with hand-formed side bow & SWAROVSKI® crystal accents

Janet comb
Silk gazar flower comb with freshwater pearl center and tulle accent

Joan combs
Clusters of large freshwater pearls & SWAROVSKI® rhinestone balls

Jordan hair ribbon
Swarovski rhinestone encrusted filigree hair ribbon

Josephine hair wrap
Swarovski chain hair wrap with large art deco clips

Judy clip
Diamond net flower with asymmetrical Swarovski rhinestone and freshwater pearl center

Kathleen clips
Hand folded origami rose clips

Katrina clip
Tulle & silk organza flower with cushion cut SWAROVSKI® crystal center & feathers

Kendley comb
Ruffled silk organza flower side comb with SWAROVSKI® pearl accents

Lorraine clip
Asymmetrical filigree side clip with tiny Swarovski rhinestones

Louise veil
french netting side comb with coque & ostrich feathers & vintage rhinestone center

Luna pins
SWAROVSKI® pearl & crystal cluster hairpins

Makenna comb
Small comb with tightly packed Swarovski pearls, rhinestones & crystals

Marielle clip
silk gazar flower comb with rhinestone center

Mary hair ribbon
Hand ruffled silk flower hair ribbon with Swarovski crystal and pearl accents

Michal veil
Five petal horsehair flower with French net wink veil & feather accents

Morgan veil
Wink veil with ostrich & biot feathers accented by pave SWAROVSKI® crystals at comb

Natalie clip
Horsehair loop hairclip

Natasha combs
freshwater pearl, SWAROVSKI® crystal & coque feather hair combs

Olive clip
Silver filigree clip with Swarovski rhinestones

Opal tiara
Swarovski rhinestone filigree tiara

Paula veil
Flirt veil with scattered SWAROVSKI® crystals at comb

Phyllis clips
Filigree clips with tiny Swarovski rhinestone embellishments

Quinn veil
Layered Pouf of tulle and French net

Raquel clips
Silk organza flower clips with freshwater pearl & SWAROVSKI® crystal centers

Renee pins
Vintage SWAROVSKI® crystal briolette pins with crystal accents

Rose hair ribbon
Silver filigree double strand hair ribbon

Rosemary veil
Long Pout veil with SWAROVSKI® crystal embellished Alencon lace. Lace is on the inside of this veil for a softer look

Roxanne pins
freshwater pearl and SWAROVSKI® crystal spray hairpins

Roxy combs
SWAROVSKI® crystal & freshwater pearl hair combs

Sakura comb
Pressed bamboo cherry blossom side comb with freshwater pearl accents

Sandra clip
Asymmetrical feather flower clip with Swarovski rhinestone center

Stevie headband
SWAROVSKI® crystal chain headband with large, off-center filigree flower

Sue veil
Siren veil with pressed bamboo flower & scattered SWAROVSKI® crystals

Tesla clips
Set of 3 Swarovski hair clips

Tesla hair ribbon
Stunning Swarovski encrusted hair ribbon

Tori veil
Tulle face blusher with SWAROVSKI® fireball & freshwater pearl detail on side combs

Vanessa clip
silk organza flower with ostrich feather detail

Vera headband
SWAROVSKI® crystal double hair band

Violet hair ribbon
Hand embroidered Swarovski hair ribbon

Vivian veil
Siren veil with scattered SWAROVSKI® crystals at each side

Wendy veil
duet collection: adjustable tulle band with silk organza flower