Q: Can I buy a veil or headpiece from you directly?

A: We highly recommend that you call or visit one of the great bridal boutiques that carry our designs to make your purchase.  If there is not a boutique within 50 miles of you, you can call us directly for ordering assistance. To find out what stores are near you, visit our store locator page.  


Q:  Why don’t you list prices on your website?

A: We don’t list any prices on our website because we sell our designs only through authorized bridal boutiques (visit our store locator page to find one in your area). 

Q: Can you give me a ballpark on how much your designs cost?

A: Sure! Our headpieces range from  $60 to over $400 and our veils range from $85 to over $1000.


Q: How long before my wedding should I order my accessories?

A: You should plan to order your accessories 2-3 months before your wedding to avoid rush charges.


Q: I don’t have much time before my wedding, can I still get a Sara Gabriel design?  

A: Of course! We can make your piece very quickly…sometimes even the same day you order it if need be. Most stores charge a fee for this service, so check with them to see what your charge will be.


Q: What colors do your veils come in?    

A: Most of our veils are available in winter white, diamond white, pale ivory, ivory, champagne,  and blush. Veils that are made from French net (the vintage looking “fishnet” fabric) are available in diamond white and pale ivory.  


Q: How do I know which color to choose for my veil?

A: The rule of thumb for choosing a veil color is that the tulle should disappear into the fabric of your gown.  If your gown seems to be between two colors, always opt for the lighter choice (the darker fabric could look dirty) All of our boutiques have fabric swatches, and can help you make the best choice.


Q: I’m torn between a traditional veil and one of your fun, short, fashion forward pieces. What should I do?

A: The short answer: get both! One of the hottest trends right now is a “costume change” for the bride between the ceremony and the reception. It’s so cool to see a bride in a traditional veil for the ceremony and then a fun “party” veil for the reception. You can change your entire look just by changing your accessories!


Q: I’d like to customize my veil or headpiece. Is that something you can do?

A: Absolutely! We love to customize our designs. One of the best ways to do this is to attend one of our trunk shows. Sara often attends these and works with brides personally. Fun! See the trunk shows page for a list of upcoming events in your area. If you can’t come to a trunk show, the bridal salon you are working with will be able to help you with your customizations. We can do almost any customization you can dream up!